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wHO is connie

Connie L. Johnson is a uniquely gifted woman of vision whose mission is to improve the human condition through her words, music, and scholarship. She is more than a transformational speaker, artist, and purpose coach. She is an agent of change. Connie has morphed from a troubled small-town girl to a remarkable woman with a global vision to develop and implement practical, innovative solutions to problems plaguing vulnerable populations around the world. Read More


“As a guest lecturer in my Music and Gender class at UCLA Connie engaged my students in discussion and dialogue that provided them with a more nuanced understanding of the intersection between Black womanhood and gave them better insight of the life of someone living with HIV. Connie’s work as an activist, educator and leader is without question, transformative.”

Wade F. Dean

Professor University of California Los Angeles

“Connie Johnson electrified our attendees and got them very excited about the idea of writing! This was one of our best reviewed workshops\sessions. It was a real crowd pleaser! Connie has a warm personality that truly engages her participants. We recommend her!” 

Melissa Grove

Executive Director, Grace Legacy Project

“Connie captivated our participants with her candid and witty storytelling. She is a dynamic speaker and a thoughtful workshop facilitator. Her creative writing workshop was the best attended session at our women’s conference and received rave reviews from the participants. Her passion for people can be felt in every service she renders.”

Catherine Christeller

Founder of Chicago Women’s AIDS Project (CWAP)

Ms. Connie Johnson joined my Marriage & Family sociology class and captivated the students for the next hour and a half. Her open, honest and courageous presence in sharing the story of her life with HIV encouraged the students to ask the questions they wanted to ask. From her mother’s

 diagnosis in Ms. Johnson’s childhood, to college life and her own unexpected contracting of the virus, she shares why she made the decision to never hide her status. Instead, she helps others learn the facts about living a full life with a positive HIV status. I would encourage anyone to invite Ms. Johnson as a speaker to your classroom or organization. You will not be disappointed. 

Carol Agnew Black

Morris College

“I enjoyed Connie’s presentation at the Bamberg Job Corps Center. Her passion regarding your experience was so moving and sincere.”


Dr. Jim Furtick Jr

“Ms. Connie was the “coolest”, most engaging speaker I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. She’s so uplifting and generally just would like to help people. She took this really bad situation and turned it into something amazing.”

Angel Graves


VISION statement

I envision a world where individuals operate in alignment with their purpose and come together harmoniously to collectively and consistently improve the lives of others.

MISSION statement

My mission is to transform hearts and minds, connect humanity, and help individuals discover their purpose.


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